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 You know those nights when you are hanging with your tribe and you ladies are having a laugh and enjoying life? When everyone is sharing tips and tricks about topics they know like the back of their hand? Those nights help bring women together, help us grow, and what inspired Wine With My Tribe Magazine. 

This magazine includes women from different walks of life who have approached entrepreneurship in their own way.  Inclusivity was important on this project because I know what it feels like to not see anyone that looks like you in a publication, it is discouraging.  

Inside you will  read about Jessica Payne and how her company Dreamz Cheer helped her cope during her mother's battle with cancer. You will get to know more about Loran Geter of Loran Elise Collective and how her "ability to get shit done" led her to being the successful entrepreneur that she is. 

This is a tribe of women meant to inspire and motivate you to believe that you have what it takes to go to the next level. 

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